rechargeable batteries in canon speedlite

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    kevin scott

    Having read some good comments re using nihm rechargeable batteries in flash unit I just purchased 4 x 2600mAh AA batteries with a rapid charger.

    Expecting to get better that 9seconds flash recovery in my speedlite 420ex (9 seconds using alkaline duracell power plus batteries) I am in fact getting anywhere between 1 minute 25 seconds to a really slooow 2 minute 20 seconds. I have ran these batteries to full charge twice now and still get this really slow flash recharge

    I am sure I read that I can expect quicker than the usual 9 seconds with these nihm rechargeables..

    Have I got it wrong or is it possible these batteries are faulty.

    MPN – U0240109
    Uniross Fast 1-2hr AA and AAA Battery Charger with 4x AA 2600 Batteries + Car Kit

    any advice appreciated I will probably try to return these to supplier and will look to purchase something you know for sure will give good results

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