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  • April 14, 2014


    Hi Matthew,
    Thank you for a great post which convinced me to go for the d5300. Now I really want to get the lens right. I already have a 50mm 1.8 and I would like one extra lens no more. I initially thought of the 18-200 but you seem to say the 18-140 is a better lens. Can you explain why? Any other lens recommendation?

  • April 8, 2014

    Jon Tewnes

    I am a fashion designer and a band manager. I’ve noticed I need I resolution pictures to really make my website pop. So I am off to buy a camera. My friend recommended the t3i stating its a great camera for the price now I see the t4i and I am not sure which will be best for my needs. Hes a video guy but ill be primarily doing still pictures. With some blog video and live performance shots of my band. Which camera would you recommend?

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      April 8, 2014

      Matthew Gore

      Hi Jon,

      For doing blog video, a face-detecting autofocus video camera is ideal… and the T4i will do that (the T3i won’t). For still photography, the capabilities are very similar, but the T4i has a superior autofocus system (all 9 points are cross-type, instead of just the center one). This is especially important when you’re shooting in dark venues and AF is tricky.

      So, I’d lean towards the T4i, if I were you, coupled with a large aperture prime lens like the Canon 50mm f/1.8 (only about $100) or the 85mm f/1.8, both of which will give you much better quality images in low light…. but the 85mm is a better portrait lens, the 50mm is more of a general-shooting lens.

      My general advice is always this: buy the least expensive camera that will meet your needs and the best lenses you can afford… so if buying the T3i will help you get one of the lenses mentioned above, then do so, if you can live without¬† autofocus video.

      (Wow… just looking at current prices on Amazon. The T4i body is over $700 for some reason, while the T5i is only $599. So, skip the T4i body in favor of the T5i. The T3i body with a kit lens is also $599.)

      Good luck!

      - Matthew