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Hello Matthew,

I just joined your site today and I'm very impressed thank you for putting out all this valuable information. I'm not sure that my question belongs in this topic area but I'm hoping that it reaches you anyway.

I am not a beginner photographer I am intermediate photographer in terms of how I take photographs from composition and color but I don't have a camera except for the one on my mobile device but I take photos daily and study photography years and years ago in college and developed my own photographs in a dark room and plan on building a darkroom a few years down the road in my house most likely in an outbuilding.

What I'm looking for right now is what I'm calling an intermediate camera something that will grow with me and allow me to perform certain manipulations but at the same time allow flexibility to take burst photos as well. I am focusing on the Canon series specifically the T6 and the t6i and I spoken with friends of mine who are professional photographers but the conversations over text which always makes it a little bit more complicated. I'm more focused on photography itself and have taken photography classes and may indeed take a photography class again in the future so the camera to me is my vehicle to get better quality photographs. I tend to take a lot of nature shots since I live in the country and I'd like to be able to take some portraits mostly of wildlife actually so I'm more of a nature photographer ocean scenes mountain scenes animal scenes that sort of thing and I plan to always have my camera with me wherever I go. I've read about the T6 and the t6i and it seems like if I understand correctly the t6i is more for people who want to rely more on the camera to do the heavy lifting and the T6 is more geared towards but I think I'm looking for it which is giving me what the t6i gives at the same time allows for me to manipulate settings and have more manual Intervention which is much more what I'm interested in. Amazon is running a really great deal right now a bunch of places are because of the time of year so I'd like to get a camera ASAP and I've narrowed it down to a couple in the $500 range that are typically bundles. Interested in your thoughts as to my interpretation about what I've read about the T6 vs. A t6i and if I'm heading in the right direction. Again I would like to have this camera be a camera that's one that I can learn more on about how to take better photographs I'm very interested in composition and color I have a few art degrees and I'm also on a budget and looking for something mid-range to really gain more expertise have a camera that I can use daily also use in a course or a class and then in a few years up the ante and maybe buy something different especially if I'm going to be developing my own photography at that point. I really appreciate your feedback thank you very much and thank you for this site very very informative very glad I found you. Sharon

Posted : 03/12/2017 5:48 am
Matthew Gore
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Hi Sharon,

The good news is that even "entry level" DSLRs these days are, in many ways, better than the professional level cameras from just a decade ago. So, unless you have very specific needs, most of them will work well for you.

And if you have a background in photography, you probably also understand that the more you know, the simpler your camera can be... most of the complex functions in modern cameras are for people who don't know what they're doing.

However, there are really 3 models in the generation you're talking about: the T6, the T6i, and the T6s.

Of the three, the T6i and the T6s have the best sensors and autofocus systems. I've compared the two of them in an article on this site already, which you've probably seen. The T6 is less expensive, and it actually is intended for people who want more of a point-and-shoot experience, but with better image quality. Compared with the other two, the T6 has a lower resolution sensor (18 megapixel vs 24) and a more basic autofocus system.

I generally don't recommend the T6 to people who are interested in photography. Usually, I recommend the T6s, because it makes manual control a little bit easier than with the T6i, but they're both fine, as long as you know what you're doing.

The T6i and T6s will also give you better burst speeds for shooting action and sports, if you need it.

My general advice, though, is always this: buy the least expensive camera body that will meet your needs, and the best lenses you can afford. :-)

Posted : 03/12/2017 1:08 pm

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