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So here is my situation- I have shot with the D70s since new. I have a few lenses- 17-50 Tamron, 35 1.8 Nikkor G and I have a SB800. I am looking to upgrade (finally) and start doing portraits- family & senior, and maybe some sports of the kids.

I have been looking at the D7200 and one of the NYC stores have it for $709 w/ 6 month warranty refurbished from Nikon.

My local camera store has a very clean D7100 for $600, no idea how many shutter clicks, but it doesnt look like it was used much except for the "taking it to church and back on Sundays"

My question is, if I can get the 7100 for say $500- should I consider this or just go with the 7200? Looking to keep the wireless control function for the SB800


Posted : 16/10/2017 1:06 am
Matthew Gore
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Hi Sparky,

Well, I suppose that this response is coming too late... but if you're interested in shooting sports, even as a secondary interest, it's probably worth paying the extra bit of money for the D7200, just for the improved buffer size. As a sports shooter myself, I certainly notice when my buffer can't keep up, and it's aggravating to no end.

Otherwise (or if you shoot JPG for sports, which would be forgivable), then the D7100 is great. I'm all for saving as much as you can on the camera body (as long as it meets your needs) so that you have more left over to spend on the best possible lenses!

- Matthew

Posted : 29/11/2017 1:04 pm

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