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    Matthew Gore

    OK, things have changed. All trusted users will have the right to upload images into posts, directly. I’m testing this feature now.

    In the meantime, ALL USERS can post links to images that are hosted elsewhere, like flickr or your personal websites.

    Here’s one from flickr:


    All you have to do is post the link to the photo or photo page on flickr, and the forums here should be able to interpret that to show the photo.

    It’s possible to post from facebook, but only if the image is public. This is an image that I posted from the Light & Matter facebook page, which is public:

    I'm in the middle of making my Canon 16-35 f/4 vs Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 comparison video, but I'm traveling at the moment, so it's slow going. Here's a photo I took while shooting for it, though!

    Posted by Light and Matter on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

    Here’s an image that I uploaded to the forum:


    Matthew Gore

    Hmm. This is odd. Why is the text so light?

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