rechargeable batteries in canon speedlite

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    kevin scott

    Having read some good comments re using nihm rechargeable batteries in flash unit I just purchased 4 x 2600mAh AA batteries with a rapid charger.

    Expecting to get better that 9seconds flash recovery in my speedlite 420ex (9 seconds using alkaline duracell power plus batteries) I am in fact getting anywhere between 1 minute 25 seconds to a really slooow 2 minute 20 seconds. I have ran these batteries to full charge twice now and still get this really slow flash recharge

    I am sure I read that I can expect quicker than the usual 9 seconds with these nihm rechargeables..

    Have I got it wrong or is it possible these batteries are faulty.

    MPN – U0240109
    Uniross Fast 1-2hr AA and AAA Battery Charger with 4x AA 2600 Batteries + Car Kit

    any advice appreciated I will probably try to return these to supplier and will look to purchase something you know for sure will give good results


    Matthew Gore

    Hi Kevin,

    First, let me apologize for the delay. When you posted this, I was in Morocco and had unreliable internet service. I must have missed the notification. Sorry!

    I don’t have a 420ex, so I can’t say how that particular strobe should perform, but I can tell you that my 430EX II, which is the most similar flash that I have handy, charges much, much faster than that with nimh batteries… right around 2 seconds with freshly charged Eneloops.

    So, if you’re getting anything longer than just a few seconds, I’d say that there’s something seriously wrong with your batteries. I realize that it’s been months now since you posted… perhaps you’ve tried different batteries by now. If you figured out the issue, I’d be curious to here what batteries didn’t work for you.

    Good luck!

    – Matthew

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