Full Disclosure

Thank you! Your purchases, after clicking through links on lightandmatter.org, help support the high quality journalism and analysis that you find on the site and allow us to continue producing more and better content.

I, Matthew Gore, and Light & Matter Media do not currently have any corporate sponsorship or agreements with any photography equipment manufacturers, including camera, lens and lighting companies, with the exception of ThinkTank Camera Bags (which we have used for years and are happy to recommend).

We do not and never will accept payment in exchange for positive reviews or higher ratings of products or services. Reviews published here are based on our personal experiences and opinions, along with other published data, never compensation of any kind. If we receive a free product to review, we will disclose that fact in the review.

As a rule, we do not enter into affiliate agreements with specific manufacturers. Instead, we affiliate with retailers who sell the products that we recommend, which helps keep our reviews objective. Again, the exception is ThinkTank Photo camera bags; though we do receive commission for sales, we do our best to provide honest and accurate reviews of their products.

Light & Matter has advertising agreements with several organizations. They currently include:

Matthew Gore is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Similarly, Matthew is a participant in the B&H Photo & Video affiliate advertising program.

I will post banner ads for any of these products/services, but will only provide recommendations for those that I have tried and found to be genuinely worthy of them.

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