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Charlie Sims

I am impressed by your comparison of Cano70-200vs Tamron 70-200, I am a Canon camera user. I have almost all Canon Lens and one Tamron. All the photos in your video are excellent. Are these as shot out, did you Photoshop? I noticed you used Canon 5D Mark iii. These photos are much better than my Canon 6D. I am thinking of buying a used Canon 5dMarkiii.


grate site. A lot of information… still getting new things from your site.. thanks


Fake Shallow Depth of Field in LightRoom 4 at 6.00mins you discuss to select the truck brush to reduce edge problem. But how can i select the truck brush pls..let me know.

Sridhar Ramaswamy


I have a Rebel T1i which I purchased in 2009. I am now ready to upgrade.

I have looked at 7D, T4i and T3i and not sure which one to choose. I will primarily be taking pictures with the occasional video.

Another question I have 18-55 MM and a 55-250 MM lens. Are they compatible with the T4i?




While your question was directed toward Matt’s vast expertise, let me butt in.  I’m currently looking for a camera in the same class that you are searching.  Let’s look at your requirements a bit closer.

You’re “primarily taking pictures with occasional video” according to your post.

What do you do with these pictures?

  1. Do you share them online?
  2. Do you print them at the local drug store?
  3. Do you blow them up to poster-size proportions?

If your answers to these are Yes, Yes, and No, the quality of the T1i sensor and megapixel count are likely sufficient for your use.

Why do you want a new camera?

  1. New features?
  2. Outgrown the capabilities?
  3. Is your current camera broken?
  4. Keep up with the megapixel chasers?
  5. Just want a new one?
  6. Going professional?
  7. Need a new primary camera and looking at the T1i as a backup?

The cameras you’re considering have similar sensors (1.6x crop, 18MP, ISO).  The form factor gets bigger and heavier as you move to the T3 and 7D models.  Do you need a feature such as high speed shutter actuation for certain types of photography?

Develop your list of requirements for what you need in a camera.  Compare these requirements to your current camera and the potential candidates.  Consider all these requirements (and DESIREMENTS)  as you select your next black box.

Yes, your current lenses will be compatible with the Canon EOS line.  You won’t need to buy new glass.

Good Luck and enjoy the fish…oops, I mean “shopping”.



Sridhar Ramaswamy

I am mainly taking Photos as a Hobby and just want to upgrade my camera so I can use the new features.


kamal gadtaula

I am the regular visitor of this site. I am upgrading my knowledge of photography through this site. Hope you will help me in future.


Hi Matt,

Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your site.  I am happy to have become “reacquainted” again!

Lots of good tips and great shots….  I like how you and your partners use some very unconventional ways to illustrate your

photographic points… tying the classical music scores – the sheet music as well as the recordings – to your composition tips.

Keep up the good work!


Alfred Lopez

Thank you, Edward. The comment is greatly appreciated!

— Alfred