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Fall colors at Weir Farm, Wilton CT

Colors in Connecticut

My trips to Connecticut don't always go as planned. Hurricanes tend to be a problem , for example.  On my most recent visit, I staved-off the storms but spent m... Read More
four baby alligators at Myakka

More From Myakka River State Park

For the past several months I've been assembling a book of photography from Myakka River State Park, including landscapes, details, and wildlife. At the end of October, when the park's flooding finally subsided, I made a trip to Florida to spend another couple of weeks gathering images of things that I felt I'd missed before. ... Read More
Clouds and Trees at Myakka River State Park

The Trees of Myakka

On Saturday, the weather was cloudy. Many people, when faced with a cloudy day, find something to do inside... but for a photographer, a good cloudy day can be ... Read More