Quiz: Sony 135mm GM or Sigma 135mm ART?

How much difference is there really between the Sigma 135mm f/1.8 ART lens and the Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master? If you haven’t already seen the full video and comparison, start there. Do you think that you can see the difference in the fine details? Do you think you can see it in the overall rendering, bokeh, or color? You might get a better idea by taking the quiz below, where I compare the two lenses, and also slip in shots from a few other Sigma, Sony, and Canon lenses.

You’ll get 10 random questions out of a pool, so take it again to get a different look. For each question, click on the images to enlarge them. Remember, nobody cares if you pass this quiz; the point is to learn something along the way. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Begin the Quiz!

Welcome to the Sony or Sigma Quiz. To get started, press the "NEXT" button below. Once you answer a question, you won't be able to change it, so take your time :-)

That's it! Submit your results and calculate your final score.

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Troy Phillips

I did terrible think I was mixing the Sony and Sigma up . Either is plenty good enough and the difference is negligible except maybe for the autofocus speed . This is important to me . I like the Sigma images mostly of people and with architecture the Sony . Sony has a harder more digital look so for portraits I’d choose the Sigma and also liked its bokeh a little better .
That saying I shoot live music and events so I’d get the Sony if I had the money . I shoot Nikon DSLRs and am going to get the 135mm Sigma Art for my d850 .