Bryce Canyon by Matthew Gore

Bryce Canyon Photography : Part One


In early September, I visited Bryce Canyon. For those of you who followed my trip log, Bryce Canyon followed the Canyonlands and preceded my brief adventure in Zebra slot Canyon. Bryce Canyon was probably the most spectacular place that I visited during my trip. The vistas of the hoodoos and rock formations are unique and dramatic… and yet, I came away a bit disappointed. Not because of the location, but because of my work there. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself; I spent my time there more as a tourist than a photographer, recovering from my minor injuries and long days at Arches National Park.

In any case, I took hundreds of photos, many more of which will follow. For the moment, though, I thought that I’d post a couple of them as an indicator of what’s to come. Part two will come as soon as I have a chance to edit the rest of my photos… I imagine sometime within the next month or so.

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