Nikon D5600 with LCD Open

Nikon Announces the D5600: Not Much New

Outside of the United States, yesterday Nikon announced the D5600 DSLR, a minor upgrade to the popular D5500. In fact, the upgrade is so minor, it can be summarized in three bullet points:

  • the camera now supports continuous wireless communication with a smartphone or other mobile device with the use of Nikon’s SnapBridge App and NFC. This facilitates easier uploads to the the internet.
  • minor improvements have been made to the touch functionality of the swiveling touch-screen
  • the time-lapse functionality has been improved to match the capabilities of Nikon’s higher end DSLRs.

Otherwise, the camera is exactly the same as the D5500: the body is the same, the sensor and autofocus systems are the same, the processor is the same, etc.

Pricing and Availability

The D5600 will begin shipping later this month. Pricing is not yet available, but it should be roughly the same as the D5500.

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