Sigma Adding Canon M-Mount to Three Primes

Sigma has made lenses for Sony-E and Micro 4/3 mounts for years, but today they announced that they’ll finally be adding support Canon’s APS-C mirrorless mount, too. Three of Sigma’s most well respected APS-C lenses, the 56mm f/1.4, the 30mm f/1.4, and 16mm f/1.4 in Contemporary series.

While Sigma’s giving Canon EOS-M shooters some additional high-quality glass to work with will certainly be appreciated, the M-mount remains in a tricky position, with Canon investing heavily in their full-frame RF mount for full-frame mirrorless which is not directly compatible with the M-mount.

The lenses will be available in September. No new prices have been announced, but they’ll likely cost the same as their current counterparts for Sony-E and Micro 4/3.

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