Moment Rugged Sling and Peak Design Everyday Sling

Battle of the Slings : Peak Design vs Moment

Sling have become very popular with photographers who want to travel light but still have easy access to their necessities. Peak Design and Moment offer two strong options.

Peak Design and Moment are two companies well-known among photo enthusiasts. Peak Design creates and manufactures camera bags, straps, tripods and accessories. Moment is a retailer but also designs filters, phone cases and lenses, bags and accessories under their own brand name. Both companies offer sling bags for photographers. Slings can be extremely convenient since they allow easy access without taking off the bag, a decent volume while being smaller and lighter than a full-fledged messenger bag.

Today I am taking a look at the Peak Design Everyday Sling and the Moment Rugged Sling. Both come in 10 liters and 6 liters variations (Peak Design also offers a 3 liters option). I am comparing the larger, 10 liters version for each. What are the main similarities and differences? How do they perform in use? Read on to find out.

Before I dive into the features and differences, let me note a few similarities. Both slings propose a large main compartment accessed via a top flap. Both offer a slim front pocket, a padded shoulder strap, a tablet sleeve, internal storage on the top flap and straps at the bottom. They also both normally about cost $150, but are often on sale during the holidays: the Moment 10L at $99 and 6L $69, while the Peak Design 10L is $129 and the 6L is $79.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter The Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L in Ash

The first version of this Sling was released in 2016, and an updated version launched in 2019. I have been using the 2016 version since its launch and was interested in seeing how the updates would improve the bag.

The Peak Design Sling is offered in a variety of colors (not all colors are available with all sizes). I am testing the Ash version. The general shape is rounded rather than angular.

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter Leather accents and attachment point for Peak Design’s Capture Clip

The bag is made of weather-resistant fabric which will be immediately familiar to anyone who has used a Peak Design bag before. There are leather accents on the front. On each sides are bands where a Peak Design Capture Clip can be attached to hold the camera.

The front pocket is thin and without any internal organization. The zipper is located about two thirds of the height, an elegant design choice, but making it harder to insert taller objects. The pocket can expand outward somewhat.

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter Removable strap and three attachment loops

At the bottom are loops to receive the two removable straps which are becoming ubiquitous on Peak Design bags. They serve to carry a tripod, yoga mat or rolled jacket. There are two other loops higher at the front, to attach equipment in different configurations. For instance, crossing the straps on the front will make it easier to carry a larger jacket.

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter

On the inside, organization is made easy thanks to the two Flexfold dividers. The top of each divider is split, and they can fold to create shelves or a flat top when carrying longer lenses. This makes for a versatile internal organization. The dividers are curved to wrap around lenses. There is a tablet sleeve (actually capable of carrying a 13 inches laptop), held closed with a magnet.

Moment Rugged Sling 10L

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter Moment Rugged Sling 10L

The Moment Rugged Sling was released in 2020. Available in black, olive, or a limited edition design in “Fujifilm” black with red accents, it uses a fabric called polyester sailcloth. The texture inspires confidence for its weather resistance, and Moment claims that it is waterproof. The general shape is rather boxy, with straight edges and flat surfaces.

The front pocket is thin and not very deep. It is devoid of internal organization apart from a clip mate to attach a key-ring.

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter Bottom straps attached via magnets

At the bottom are two straps, just like on the Peak Design Sling. Those are permanently attached, however, and attach via magnetic clasps near the front. Those magnets let the user quickly attach and detach the straps.

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter Internal organization, with three classical dividers

Contrasting with the exterior, the inside of the sling is bright red. The three dividers bend in order to follow the pattern of the checkered bottom surface, and to wrap around lenses. The dividers are the common, thickly padded design which has been around for decades. It has the advantage that dividers can attach to one another to create smaller cubbies.


External features

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter The Rugged Sling is boxier and thicker, while the Everyday Sling is taller and narrower

The general shape is the first difference. While the Rugged Sling is boxier, the Everyday Sling is taller, narrower and a bit longer. While their volume is similar, the best shape will depend on what type of gear goes inside.

Both bags are made of recycled material. The fabrics are quite different, however. The Everyday Sling has a slightly rough texture, almost like a pair of jeans, while the Rugged Sling has a smooth, plastic feel to it. Both fabrics inspire confidence. On first contact the Moment fabric can feel cheaper, but after a few seconds it becomes obvious that the material is high-quality and durable. It will also be easier to keep.

Both bags offer a carry handle towards the back. The are positioned almost identically. The Rugged Sling’s handle is adequate, but here the Everyday Sling does better, with a padded and smooth material which simply feels nicer.

Shoulder Straps

Here again the two bags differ.

The Everyday Sling’s strap is made of seatbelt-like webbing. Coupled with the company’s quick-adjuster, changing the length of the strap can be done in seconds. The user can tighten it when wearing it on the back and lengthen to access the interior more comfortably. This quick-adjuster is one of my favorite features on this sling.

The padding is pretty good, and vastly improved over the version 1 of this bag. Extra strap length can be tucked away on each sides for a more elegant look.

Bernard Dery | Light And Matter The wings on the Rugged Sling

The Rugged Sling uses a more standard nylon webbing. In an interesting choice, the strap does not attach at both ends but rather on wings which bend to conform to the wearer’s body. In theory, this is a good idea as it should distribute the weight better. In practice, it will work better on narrower figures. Extra strap length can be stowed on the reverse of the wings.

The padded section is oversized and thick. The strap’s length adjustment is done via the more common plastic buckle. It works, but isn’t as fluid as on the Peak Design Sling. The strap can be split in two thanks to a large magnetic buckle. In practice I never ended up using it. Another magnetic clip secures a stabilizing strap, something the Everyday Sling lacks.


Both bags open with a horseshoe shape. The zippers on the Everyday Sling are smoother, but both are good. The Rugged sling opens wider; on the Everyday Sling the back extends over the opening, making it narrower. Version 1 did better for this, and it is probably the weakest aspect of this bag.

The pocket on the internal side of the top flap is mostly similar for the two bags. Here Moment clearly took a page from Peak Design’s book, down to the number of smaller pockets.

The tablet sleeve is located in the same spot. The one on the Rugged Sling is smaller since the bag itself is boxier. It doesn’t feature any closing mechanism.

Internal organization will be a matter of preference. I really like the idea of the Peak Design Flexfold dividers since they make it fast and easy to reconfigure the space. Their main drawback is that they offer no solution for smaller items, like pancake lens. The more traditional dividers of the Rugged Sling are not as flexible but offer more subdivision possibilities, if needed by using third-party dividers. If the Flexfold dividers allowed Velcro to attach to them, they would be as close to perfect as possible.


Comfort will vary on the body shape. Wearers with larger shoulders will probably prefer the shape and width of the Everyday Sling, while narrower figures will probably appreciate the wings on the Rugged Sling.


Both products are interesting and well made. The first version of the Everyday Sling changed how photographers think about slings, and Moment had an uphill battle to avoid being seen as a copycat. In this they succeeded; their Rugged Sling is a worthy product, well conceived and constructed.

The Everyday Sling V2 is a nice evolution from the previous version. It improves on most aspects, while keeping its defining elements.

The choice between the two bags should probably be made based principally on the internal configuration, since this is where the two bags differ the most. The Everyday Sling offers a few distinctive details not found on other bags, such as the Flexfold dividers, quick-adjust for the shoulder strap and front loops for the bottom straps. The Rugged Sling has the stabilizing strap, a large number of magnets attachments and a wider opening.

Prices are very similar, normally at $150 each, but currently the Moment Rugged Sling 10L costs $129 and 6L $99, while the Peak Design is at regular price: 10L is $149 and the 6L is $79.

What is your favorite sling bag? Let us know in the comments below!

Peak Design Everyday Sling
Materials & Build Quality
Features & Function
Reader Rating20 Votes
Ease of use thanks to sliding shoulder strap, removable bottom straps, larger front pocket
Easy internal organization thanks to Flexfold dividers
Lifetime warranty and quality craftsmanship
Fabric can get dirty easily
Top opening not as wide as we would prefer
Get Your Own Sling Here
Moment Rugged Sling
Materials & Build Quality
Features & Function
Reader Rating6 Votes
Durable and resistant recycled material
Lifetime warranty if purchased directly from Moment
Wide top opening
Shoulder strap attachment not ideal for larger bodies
Some magnets are gimmicky and not really useful
Get Your Moment Sling Here

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Nathaniel Sy

Greetings Bernard,

I’m curious to know if you tried lugging both sling bags for hours at a time and with both of them filled with camera gear to the brim. If so, my question would be which bag was more comfortable to carry utilizing their respective shoulder strap designs? The Moment Rugged Sling or Peak Design’s ES 10L? Thank you.

Last edited 3 years ago by Nathaniel Sy
Nathaniel Sy

Thanks for replying Bernard,

I do believe that my body is on the narrow side. As for attempting to reach inside the bag every minute, I don’t think I would do so such a degree.

A friend lent me his PD ES 10L V1 and I must say that when you attempt to fill it with camera gear weighing more or less 2.5 – 3kgs., and place its strap over your shoulders for 30 minutes to an hour, it tends to get discomforting and even strenuous over the shoulder. I wonder if the V2 version sports a different strap design?

Reading the Moment Rugged Sling reviews over their website, the common issue negative reviewers were complaining about is that filling it with heavy gear while simultaneously lugging sling-style would prompt the bottom corner to poke on one’s bag which, for some, was very uncomfortable (and yes, even with the stability straps on). Did you feel the same?

At the end of the assessment, given the choice, which do you think would be the better bag for you personally in terms of durability, longevity, functionality and more comfortable to the shoulders? Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L OR Moment Rugged Sling 10L?

Sorry for the multiple inquiries. It’s because I’m trying to see whether I would plunge for the Moment Rugged Sling since it’s the last day for the bag to be discounted at US$99.99. I just bought the PD actually but thinking of trying out the Moment also and if I deem it more durable, functional and especially more comfortable to the shoulders, then I may opt to sell the PD 10L V2. Thanks again.

Nathaniel Sy

Thank you for your thoughts Bernard. I actually ordered one to check and then evaluate which would fit me better and is more comfortable than the other. Lastly, I observed in one of the Moment Rugged Sling image here that there seems to be a sort of scuffing that has occurred on one of the edge sections of the bag. Would you happen to know what caused it? I attached an image here.

Eddy Summers

Nice one!