Sony A7S III and Ninja Atmos

New From Sony: HEIF to TIFF Converter, A7S III Atmos Ninja Support

Those of you who will be buying the new Sony A7S III will be pleased to hear a couple of pieces of good news this morning: first, the Atmost Ninja V (a popular external video recorder/viewer) has new firmware that provides support for the Sony A7S III (full details here). If you’d like to update your firmware now, you can download the latest Atmos firmware here.

Second, Sony has released an HEIF to TIFF image converter! You can download the converter here: Sony HEIF to TIFF converter. The download dialog asks for a serial number, but it seems to accept any string of numbers.

Want to test it out yourself? Here’s a HEIF image to play with (courtesy of Sony):

And, of course, if you’d like to pre-order a Sony A7S III for yourself, they’re going to be shipping in about ten days. If you’re on the West Coast, I’d recommend ordering from Seattle based Moment. If you want to stick with one of the old school camera shops, B&H and Adorama are also taking pre-orders.

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