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Canon R3 & Lenses Announced, Nikon 40mm f/2

Canon EOS R3

Today, Canon officially announced the EOS R3 camera body, a 24.1 megapixel tool for photojournalists and event photographers primarily, but it will undoubtedly be used for countless other purposes. The 24.1 megapixel BSI stacked CMOS censor is designed for speed, allowing full-resolution bursts of 30 frames per second with the electronic shutter and 12 frames per second with the mechanical. The native ISO range is rated from 100-102400, with an expanded range of only one stop more at 204800.

The R3’s autofocus system is probably the most important area of improvement and innovation. It’s been designed for serious action photography, with 1053 AF points across the frame and recognition and tracking of eyes, faces, human heads, some animals, and some cars and motorcycles. And hearkening back to the Canon EOS A2E in the early 1990s, the EOS R3 can choose a focusing point by detecting where you are looking.

Video functionality is also impressive, with the camera capturing up to 6K 60p RAW video or 4K at 120 fps (Canon log 3 profile available).

Whether you’re shooting video or stills, the camera’s IBIS system provides up to 8 stops of 5-axis stabilization, according to Canon.

Like Canon’s EOS 1D series cameras, the R3 has a magnesium body that integrates a vertical grip, making for a large but comfortable grip, and all of the dust and weather sealing that you’d expect in an EOS 1 body. Under the memory card door you’ll find a slot for a CF Express card and another for a UHS-II SD card.

The camera body will cost about $5999 when it becomes available in November. It’s available for pre-order at B&H Photo and Adorama.

Canon RF 16mm f/2.8 STM

The Canon RF 16mm f/2.8 STM lens is a compact and inexpensive ultra-wide prime lens for full-frame RF mount cameras. It’s compact size is remarkable, weighing only 5.8 oz. at 2.7 inches long, with a minimum focusing distance of just over 5 inches. If the image quality lives up to expectations, this lens is sure to be a favorite for real-estate, events, and travel photography, and all sorts of hand-held video.

This lens will cost $299 and is available for pre-order from B&H Photo and Adorama, as usual, but will ship in October of 2021.

Canon RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM

If you’re looking for a compact ultra-telephoto zoom and don’t care about how much light the lens gives you, then the Canon RF 100-400 f/5.6-8 IS USM might be for you. The only interesting thing about this lens is that it’s not very expensive, at $649 in the USA. It’s also lightweight, at 1.4lbs.

For video shooters who (high shutter speeds are less important for video), this lens might be quite useful, and it’s a good option to have available. For photographers who want to shoot sports under lights or wildlife at the best times of day for it (the low light of the early morning and evening), this lens will be frustratingly slow at f/8.

For comparison, Sigma’s 100-400mm f/5-6.3 lens for Sony E-mount costs $300 more and weighs one pound more, but also gives you 2/3rds of a stop more light throughout the zoom range.

Nikon Z 40mm f/2

Nikon’s new 40mm f/2 lens for full-frame Z-mount is a small, lightweight alternative to a “nifty 50”, with a relatively large aperture and modest price tag. The lens will cost $296, and is light enough to be comfortable on APS-C mount cameras as well. The lens weighs six ounces, and appears to save weight by using a plastic lens mount.

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