Tamron 50-400mm lens a067

Tamron Developing a 50-400mm f/4.5-6.3 VC Lens for Mirrorless

Last evening, Tamron announced the development of a new 50-400mm ultra-telephoto lens for Sony full-frame (and APS-C) cameras. Building on the popularity of existing lightweight 100-400mm lenses from Sony, Sigma and Tamron themselves, Tamron has expanded the zoom range at the wide end to a remarkable 50mm. Though intended for mirrorless Sony cameras that usually have IBIS, the 50-400mm lens will have Vibration Compensation (VC), Tamron’s name for in-lens image stabilization. This makes the lens an intriguing option for APS-C shooters who generally do not have IBIS, where the zoom range will be equivalent to a 75-600mm!

Tamron 50-400mm lens a067 early photo

Tamron’s early information states that the lens will have moisture and dust resistance, 1:2 Macro capabilities, the common Tamron 67mm filter size, and a compact size of 7.2 inches long with a weight of just 2.5lbs.

Tamron expects the lens to be available in the autumn of 2022, though no exact date or price is currently available. Similar 3rd party lenses cost around $900, though Sony’s is about $2500.

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