Video: The Three Basics of Photography

After writing the “Three Basics of Photography” article, I decided that the Bucket Analogy was fine but still a little confusing, and I wanted something that would appeal to my visually oriented visitors. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that it would be simplest to forgo analogies altogether and just use a simplified camera, representing light as discrete, little cubic units. That reminded me of an old-school video game… so this video has a bit of a theme.

I hope that you take a moment to “Like” this video on YouTube. You can visit it directly by following this link: The Three Basics of Exposure & Photography

Please comment! As usual, if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them in the comment section below.

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Perfect video! You made it so clear and simple to understand for beginners. You are a genius :)


Thank you for sharing. This is so helpful.


I was wondering the best way to clean my 300mm lens, well the slide when focusing. It is not sliding smoothly when I focus. I was at the beach and it was windy. it almost seems gritty. I tried looking online, but I get nothing.
Thank you,


Thank you! The sand in the slide was worth it, I got some really cool pictures at the Airshow at Crissy Field. :) I also got all the sand cleaned out.
Thank you again,


It’s an old video and basic tutorial but found it very catchy and informative for us “dummies”. Thank you!


I thought it was brilliant – cleared the cobwebs of confusion.


This video is just great. Just what I was looking for. Nicely done. I will be sure to credit you in teaching and posting it on my website. Many thanks!


Thanks so much for this video… I appreciate having the visuals to help me understand apperture and f-stops… I had the concept for ISO from film days, but still was confused about the others.. This helped make it very clear.



Easy to understand advice that is a great help to advance your understanding of the art of photography.I enjoyed reading these helpful tips and information.


The illustration of DOF is incomplete – might mislead those beginners rather than educate. Could have used the 8bit diagram to show how objects beyond a fixed distance in front and behind the point of focus will be out of focus (causing the blurred effect) and how the aperture settings affect that distance.


Great !

Explains it for us dummies in terms I can understand!

More like this please.

Bill Minton

LOL @ “All Your Base…”

Was that clip-art Matthew that made an appearance in the video?  :P

Those sounds sure brought back some memories!

Nice little bonus screen there at the end with your equipment and rankings.

Good information as always.

Bill Minton

That is amusing.  All Your Base stuck out like a sore thumb to me.  I can see where viewers on other sites didn’t recognize you, but I bet your friends and family would.  You should test them. :)

Alfred Lopez

The video on that link freak my cat out. He was sleeping next to my computer when I started it. I should have taken a picture of his face! :-)


Alfred Lopez

It was……..close? A little on the chubby side, but, then again, I may just be reflecting. :-)

I guess you need another trip to Dizzy Whirl for me to put your drawing side-by-side.

Oh, and BTW, Dizzy Whirl *is* real. You just have to “drink the Kool-Aid”. :-)