Fuji GFX 50s Fuji X100F and Fuji x-t20

Fuji Announces Two New Cameras: X-T20 and X100F, Plus 50mm f/2 and the GFX 50s

Last Evening, Fuji announced the updates to two of their popular mirrorless cameras. The Fuji X100s has been replaced with the new X100f, while the X-T10 has been upgraded to the X-T20. In both cases, the original 16 megapixel sensors have been replaced with Fuji’s latest 24 megapixel X-Trans model, significantly increasing pixel output. Along with the X-T20, Fuji announced a new 50mm f/2 WR (weather resistant) lens, equivalent to a 76mm on a 35mm camera. This lens is compact yet provides a large aperture for smooth bokeh.

The silver and black models of the Fuji X100F
The silver and black models of the Fuji X100F

Much more exciting is the official announcement of the Fuji GFX 50s, the 50 megapixel mirrorless medium format camera that we first saw at Photokina last fall. Finally, a full list of details is available, along with the anticipated price and shipping date (see below). Three lenses have also been announced, including a fast 63mm f/2.8 standard lens, a 32-64mm f/4 wide angle zoom, and a stabilized 120mm f/4 Macro portrait lens.

Prices & Availability

In February the X-T20, X100F, and GFX 50s will all start shipping, although the GFX 50s is slated for “late February”. The X-T20 body, available in silver or black, will cost $899, while the X100F, also available in silver or black, will cost $1299. The 50m f/2 WR will cost $449.

As you’d expect, the GFX 50s will significantly more, at $6499 for the body alone. While not exactly cheap, this is $500 less than the Pentax 645z medium format, thousands less than the Hasselblad X1D-50c body, and $13,500 less than the Leaf Credo 50 digital back for the Mamiya 645.

Of course, you’ll want lenses to go with it. The GF63mmF2.8 R WR (50mm equivalent) will cost $1499, GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR (25-50mm equivalent) will cost $2299, and GF120mmF4 R LM OIS WR Macro will cost $2699.

All of these items are available for pre-order from your favorite camera shops. If you’re interested in the GFX 50s, pre-ordering might be a good idea, since production is somewhat slow and is likely to lag behind sales.

Order the GFX 50s at Amazon | B&H | Adorama
Order the X100F at Amazon | B&H | Adorama
Order the X-T20 at  B&H | Adorama

Order the GF Lenses at B&H | Adorama
Oder the X 50mm f/2 lens at B&H | Adorama

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