A Quick Landscape Photography Workflow with Photoshop CS4

A Quick Workflow for Landscape Photography
Matthew Gore | Light And Matter A Quick Workflow for Landscape Photography

A Video Tutorial

In fact, I made this video as a test to see how the software would work, but it’s complete enough to be worth posting. I’ve learned that in future videos, I’ll want to work closer in.

In any case, this workflow is very simple and quick, but flexible and generally produces bright, vibrant results, which is exactly what we want with stock and landscape photos.

I’ve uploaded this video to youtube so it can be seen by anybody, but I’ve also created a high resolution version of the file, which you can download by clicking here: Quick Landscape Workflow . If you have any trouble playing this video, I recommend watching it with Media Player Classic, a free and excellent video player, which you can download in a matter of seconds.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this video, or if you have any suggestions for future videos. Part two of the “Sharpening” series will mostly likely be a video tutorial as well.

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Good Morning Mathew,
I like your workflow and how you use photoshop CS4 in these instructional viedos; very practical and user friendly (I’m a landscape photographer). Please continue to post your instructional videos – very good. Joseph :o)