Amazon Prime Day Photography Deals (Lenses, Lighting, SD cards…)

Every year when Black Friday rolls around, I look through the deals in the camera departments and am always disappointed. None of the good stuff ever seems to be on sale.  Amazon Prime Day, though, seems to be different.

Yes, a lot of the stuff that’s on sale is from off-brands, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth buying. And a lot of it is from the best brands out there. Here are a few of my picks to keep your eye on today. Some are already live, some will go live later in the day.


($318)($899)($299)($270)(Live at 10:45 PST)(Live at 2:20 PST)

All the Rest

OK, there are really too many to choose from and post, so here’s a link to the photography deals, but don’t forget to check out the deal in computers and electronics in general. There are lots of good deals on memory cards out there today.

Deals in Camera & Photo:

Deals in Computer :


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