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Canon 77D vs 80D: Which Should You Buy?

The new Canon 77D is a remarkably capable camera, matching or besting the older (and more expensive) Canon 80D in several ways. However, the 77D is still basically a souped-up “Rebel” rather than a true member of the mid-level line (like the 60D, 70D, and 80D), built on a “Rebel” chasis. Does it matter? Let’s take a look at where the cameras differ, and who will benefit from buying the 80D rather than the 77D.


Before we look at anything in depth, take a quick look at how the numbers compare for these cameras.

Canon 77DCanon 80D
Body Price
(current Amazon)
Body + 18-135mm Lens
(current Amazon)
Rear LCD1,040,000 pixel
Touch Sensitive
1,040,000 pixel
Touch Sensitive
Sensor Resolution
ProcessorDigic 7Digic 6
ISO Range100-25600
Shutter Speeds30-1/400030-1/8000
Flash Sync1/200th1/250th
Max. Frame Rate6 fps7 fps
Max. RAW Burst21 or
27 (w/ UHS-I)
20 or
25 (w/ USH-I)
Max. JPG Burst
190 or
Unlimited (w/ UHS-I)
77 or
110 (w/ UHS-I)
Autofocus Points
(All Cross Type)
Anti-Flicker YESYES
AF Sensitivity-3 - 18 EV-3 - 18 EV
Autofocus For VideoYes, Dual Pixel CMOS AFYes, Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Touch Screen AFYESYES
Electronic Image Stabilization
(For Video Only)
Video Resolutions1080p @ 24, 30, 60 fps
720p @ 30, 50, 60 fps
1080p @ 24, 30, 60 fps
720p @ 50, 60 fps
Card Slots1 SD (SDXC)
UHS-I Support
UHS-I Support
Battery Life
600960 shots
Size131.0 × 99.9 × 76.2mm139.0 x 105.2 x 78.5mm
Viewfinder TypePentamirrorPentaprism
Viewfinder Coverage/

Image Quality

Let’s get this out of the way: the Canon 77D and 80D should give you identical image quality if you shoot RAW. As far as we can tell, the image sensors in the two cameras are identical, with the same resolution and capture characteristics. So, if you’re taking portraits or landscapes with these cameras and shooting RAW, then you shouldn’t expect your pictures to look better with one camera or the other. The new Digic 7 processor in the 77D may improve its high-ISO noise handling if you shoot JPG, however.

No matter what camera you use, if you shoot JPG, then you’re throwing away 98%1 This is on a per-channel basis. JPGs carry 8-bits of data, or 256 tonal levels per channel. Canon RAW files contain 14-bits of data, or 16,384 tonal levels per channel.  256 is about 1.6% of 16,384. of the data that is captured by the sensor,  and there may be differences in the 2% the camera decides to keep. That will be dependent on your camera settings and the camera’s firmware, among other things, but it’s possible that the 77D will have a modest improvement in noise handling when shooting JPGs at high ISO.

Both cameras will benefit from anti-flicker technology when shooting under rapidly flickering artificial lights (such as LEDs, some fluroescents, and some HID lights) that are commonly found in sports arenas, gyms, and stages. With anti-flicker enabled, the shutter will release exactly when the light is at its brightest, giving you the best possible exposure. The 77D’s new exposure metering system (which makes this possible) is very similar to that found in the 80D, both based on a 7560 pixel RGB+IR sensor, though the 80D uses an 18×12 zone grid while the 77D only has a 9×7, the difference will be minimal.

The last few generations of Canon DSLRs in the x0D and Rebel lines. Note that the 77D is actually a descendant of the “Rebel” line, not part of the x0D line.

Shooting Sports & Action

When it comes to shooting sports and action,  autofocus and speed are both very important, and the 80D and the 77D are both excellent. In fact, the two cameras share the same autofocus system, both with 45 all cross-type focusing points, and both optimized for use in low-light environments2 In more technical terms, both can focus in light levels as low as -3 EVs, and they can focus reliably with lenses that only have a maximum aperture of f/8 .

However, the Canon 80D generally has the speed advantage, though it is not a dramatic one. First, the 80D has a higher top shutter speed: 1/8000th of a second, which is twice as fast as the 77D’s top speed, and the 80D’s top flash sync speed is slightly faster (1/250th of a second rather than 1/200th). The 80D also has a higher frame rate, shooting seven frames per second while the 77D shoots only six.

More experienced photographers may also notice that the Canon 80D feels more responsive, with a shutter lag3 This is the time between pressing the shutter button and the shutter actually releasing. of approximately 0.06 seconds, although Canon claims that the 77D’s lag is only 0.07 seconds, a very minor difference. The entry level Canon T6, on the other hand, has a shutter lag of 0.12 seconds… double that of the 80D.

But there are two areas in which the Canon 77D has the apparent advantage, though it’s easy to over-state their significance. The first is the camera’s buffering system, which allows the 77D to shoot full-size JPG files at top speed until your UHS-I card is full. When shooting JPGs, the 80D is limited to about 110 shots in a row before the camera will slow down to write to the SD card. How significant is this? I can’t think of a single time in my career as a photographer that I’ve shot (or wanted to shoot) more than 25 shots in a row, much less 110.

Similarly, the 77D can shoot 27 RAW shots in a row before the buffer is full, while the 80D can shoot only 25. This is a relatively small difference to begin with, and it becomes less impressive when you remember that it’s the consequence of the 77D shooting those shots at a slower speed than the 80D, so it has more time to clear the buffer. Stated another way, after 3 full seconds of shooting, the 77D will have just finished its 18th shot, while the 80D will have reached its 21st shot. I suspect that most action photographers would prefer to get the shots up front.

The second area is ISO, where the 77D’s top setting is 25600 and the 80D is rated at 16000. At best this is a difference of only 2/3rds of a stop, but unfortunately, this may not actually translate into better noise handling… so there may be no advantage at all. It is likely that the 77D uses the exact same sensor as the 80D, so it’s unlikely that the RAW files will really be any different; it’s more likely that the higher ISO numbers on the 77D reflect better noise processing for JPGs afforded by the new Digic 7 processor, so if you shoot RAW and do your noise reduction in your computer (where you’ll have more options and more powerful processing), this advantage is not very important. However, until RAW files are available from a production Canon 77D, this is just speculation, and we should assume that the new camera may have a slight advantage here.

Canon 77D and 80D top views.
The 77D and 80D both have a camera-top LCD display, although they don’t display exactly the same information.


For the past year, the Canon 80D has been among the best SLRs available for shooting video, primarily because of its excellent dual-pixel AF system. Now that the T7i and 77D have also been given dual-pixel AF sensors, their performance should at least match that of the 80D. In fact, Canon has also implemented 5-axis electronic image stabilization for video (with a slight sensor crop) in the T7i and 77D, giving them a leg up.

However, the Canon 80D can shoot with either IPB (interframe) .MP4 compression or All-I (intraframe) .MOV which produces a much larger file size. The 77D, on the other hand, can only shoot video as IPB MP44 …though it can shoot time-lapse as All-I .mov format files .

Most casual video shooters prefer IPB MP4 files because the files are so much smaller than All-I. For example, at 30fps, IPB files take up about 216 MB of space per minute, while All-I shot on the 80D takes up 654MB per minute: All-I will use up three times more disk space than IPB.

Beyond the recording formats, both cameras can shoot the same frame rates, though the 80D can only shoot All-I up to 30 fps, and the 77D can shoot 720p at 30fps (the 80D can’t). They both shoot 60fps 1080p with IPB compression.

It’s also worth mentioning that the 77D does not have a headphone jack.

The Body & Handling

Unlike the T7i, the 77D has most of the body features that have long been standard with the 80D and other mid-lineup cameras. Among the most important of these are the camera-top LCD display and the rear body thumb-wheel. The 80D’s “movie mode” switch is located on the “record” button, while the 77D has moved it to the camera’s main on/off switch, but the 77D does have its own dedicated wi-fi connection button.

Canon 77D and 80D back views.
Compared with the Rebel series, the differences between the 77D and the 80D on the back of the body are very minor. Importantly, they both have a thumb wheel for quick exposure compensation.

However, the 77D still has a smaller body. This can be an advantage for those who wish to travel light, as the 77D body weighs abot 25% less than the 80D, and the body is also smaller (8mm narrower, 6mm shorter). This also means that the battery compartment (and thus, the battery) is smaller, and instead of using an LP-E6 battery, it uses an LP-E17 battery and has only about 62% the battery life of the 80D.

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy?

For most people, the Canon 80D is still the better camera for most purposes, but my general advice is always this: buy the least expensive camera that will meet your needs and the best lenses that you can afford. With current rebates, if you order the 80D with the 18-135mm STM lens, it’s the same price as the 77D with that lens, which makes the decision easy (if you were planning on a kit), and the 18-135mm is the lens I’d recommend. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to buy the 77D instead:

Buy the Canon 77D if:

  • if you expect to shoot a lot of hand-held video and it doesn’t need to be All-I, get the 77D. It has digital stabilization.
  • if you shoot JPG and shoot lots of long bursts of photos (more than 100 shots per minute), get the 77D. It can shoot JPGs at full speed until your card is full.
  • if you’re a hiker and want to carry the lighter camera SLR (though the Canon M5 or M6 are lighter options with better performance)
  • if you’re a traveler and want a more compact camera, or if you have small hands and find the smaller body more comfortable, buy the 77D
  • if your budget is tight and you’re only buying a camera body, go with the 77D; the differences are minor

Buy the Canon 80D if:

  • your eyesight isn’t great, the 80D has a larger, brighter viewfinder with better coverage
  • you shoot action and need the fastest shutter speeds, the 80D offers speeds between 1/4000 and 1/8000th sec.
  • you shoot production quality video and want All-I compression
  • you’re planning on shooting long events (like weddings) and don’t want to worry about changing batteries, the 80D has much better battery life
  • you have stabilized lenses or shoot from a stable rig and don’t need the electronic stabilization in the 77D

These are surprisingly similar cameras, and they’ll both allow you to create amazing photos and videos.

Questions? Comments?

As usual, I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have below in the comment section. Still need some advice about which camera to buy for your particular needs? Let me know, and I’ll do what I can to give you a recommendation.

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I’m trying to buy a future proof camera for my fashion products ( gloves, scarves, socks, blankets hats, tunics, etc).
I will mainly do studio shoots and sell on e-commerce sites ( desktops) and ( phones ) , instagram.
I have up to £1500 to spend on a body .

I have done a lot of research but still undecided, there’s so much choice out there, I cant afford to get this wrong.

Please advise!

Anne Tyrrell

my 13 year old granddaughter is starting an online course in photography. I am not sure what the course will cover, but I want her to have a camera that has capabilities she will learn. That is why I got studying dslr cameras. Is the egos 77d a good one to purchase? I think she needs more than a regular point and shoot camera. Also, I have have a Nikon 6006 that I will let her experiment with, but I think she needs a digital camera for her course.

Elijah Reinhart

Hi Matthew,

I’m a Fashion Designer. I would like to take photographs of my clothes, mainly close ups of the garments themselves for use on my e-commerce website and sometimes on the models in indoor studio set ups.

I m conflicted on wether to buy a second hand Canon 70D or a new 77D/80D. I have £1000 to spend

I have read your article on these cameras but I’m still scared as I’m new to photography.


Good evening i am very passionate about wildlife photography, and have a sigma 100-500mm lens but would like to update my camera body. which would be the better option?

Mo Coenraads

I’m Mo a student in the Netherlands. I’ve been photographing since I was a little kid. So in 2015, I bought my first DSLR. It was the Canon 1200D. For a long time, it was fine for me. Until I walked against things like put the ISO higher as 800 or there will be too much noise for me, burst rate etc. (I think every beginner walks against these things when they develop their skills)

So, now I’m at the point I really can’t walk away from it. I’ve decided to look for a new body.

What do I photograph the most? I like to do street-, landscape- and night photography. I would love to learn more about portrait shooting, so that’s also something I would like to do in the future. And I’m doing here and there some shoots for fraternity boards (paid).

So the big question for me is which camera do I want? I already looked into a lot and compared many, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be between the 77D or the 80D. I think the 80D has a few better features and it is a big step from the 1200D. Where I can get many years of pleasure from.

If you would say I will be better off with the 77D in combination with a good lens please tell me!

In here I can get the 77D for €629 and the 80D for €799. Besides that, I can get a cashback of €70 for the 77D and €100 for the 80D as a student. Therefore it will come at €559 for the 77D or €699 for the 80D (if the price will stay this). For now, because Canon just provided new information on their student site saying there is only cashback on the 90D left. But I found out that the terms didn’t changed yet, therefore I still can get the 77d or 80D with cashback (but not sure for how long..)

I’d like to get if for my birthday at the end of March (need to pay a part myself), but then the question is will the 77D and 80D still be available at that time (I see that in the big shops the stock of the 80D is low or they even not selling it anymore)

The price difference is not my biggest problem. More if it still will be in stock in March.

Hope you can give me some advice!
(sorry for this long post)

(lenses: canon 50mm 1.8 stm, canon 24mm 2.8 stm, sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4 Contemporary, canon 10-18mm, canon 55-250 mm stm and ofcourse the 18-55mm is ii kit lens)

H h Fulani

I think you should go for canon 77d because it has in built electronic image stabilizer in the body which will very much useful to you in video.its lighter than 80d so you can carry anyway in tour.

Laruie VanOstrand

I am looking to upgrade my Rebel T2i, looking to grow with a new camera.. It still works but I can easily take over 600 photos on an hour walk. Love to take action photos while birding often in low light and sunsets. Any recommendations? I have upgraded the kit lenses to Tamron and am looking for just a new camera body.

Angela Atkins

I currently have the Canon 77D camera. I’m toying with buying another camera. Perhaps the canon 90D. Or purchase lenses for the 77d. I still have only the kit lense after 3 years. I don’t have a specific genre. Although, I feel I would like to get into street photography and macro. Any recommendations on lenses and or next camera. Kind regards Angela

Vlad Botsion

Buy 80D now or wait?

I’ve had my eye on a Canon 80D for a while now (I currently have with a Canon SL1). I’ve been reading up on the 80D and I think now that it’s several years old I can find some pretty good deals and it has lots of features I like. But now that the 90D is coming, I’m wondering if I should pull the trigger on an 80D now or wait until the 90D is actually in people’s hands. I assume 80D prices will drop more once the 90D is actually here, but figured I’d check here first. Maybe I’ll just spring for the EOS R, yeah? Haha….not enough money for that one!


Hi Matthew, I own a canon m6 and recently thinking of changing to either 77d or 80d, I mainly use it for travel and shooting photography, is 80d good enough for low light like example night time shooting and what lens will u recommend if to buy 1 lens for both day/night? does 77d with digic 7 final photos are better than 80d digic 6?

Thank u


Excellent review and summary… it would be a no brainer if the 77D allowed for All-I video compression and had the same battery life… I need the lightest body possible, but that lead me to make the mistake of downgrading from the 0xD’s to the Rebel and I regretted for the 6 years I needed to use it, intensively. Just one question. In terms of chassis durability, and materials lifespam (specially those rubber parts in constant contact with the grease,, acid and sweat of the hands… is there a difference? the rubbery part came of on week 3 in the prior rebel I bought!!!! two of the buttons on the back came off on month 7!. A shame of a Canon! I used the 50D before that for 6 years and never had that problem. But it is a really heavy body. Thanks.


Hi Matthew, is it still worth buying a Canon 80D rather than a 77D? My area of interest is Still Photography and am not more into shooting videos. Let me know if there is any difference in image quality among the 80D & 77D. Are they exactly identical? If so, why is 80D called a higher end cam, and 77D a lower? Also, is there any lack of quality while shooting moving objects?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the above info. If we compare the image quality and sharpness of 80D and Nikon D7500, which one would be a better option?


hi, I want to buy a camera but confused between 77d and 80d as I love photography but also want to make videos as I also love the direction. I have to make some short films and ads. so which one do you suggest to buy


Is there a good mirrorless camera in the price of a canon 80d?if there a better camera at this price or a slightly more price plz inform me as soon as possible.
It will be better if th mirrorless would sony.but doesn’tmatte. So plz inform me if there is a better mirrorless camera. And iwnt to know “is DSLR well or mirrorless” for photograph. & videograph. But i prefer photography plz inform me


Hello,i’m gonna buy a new DSLR.I’ve choose Canon 77d & canon 80d.But I’ve to buy only one. For your information,i love wildlife photography.I also like landscape,but not so much as wildlife.I’ve the money.But I’m confusing of which to buy!So i need your tips,which will be good for me for wildlife & better shot & image quality.
In additio, which lenses will be good under 270 dollar?
Plz,inform me as soon as possible.
I’ve read your article avobe.that was very beneficialfor me.
So,plz advise me which camera & which lense will be better.
Thank you


Please advise, which camera should i buy among Canon EOS 800D, Canon EOS 77D Canon EOS M50 or some other Nikon cameras


Hi Matthew,

I’ve read your article and all I can say is it is very helpful. I’ve made up my mind and will purchase the canon 80D, but I want your expert opinion, if you’re given the chance to choose between the two which one? And which one is worth keeping? and also i have my canon m6 so travel vlogging is not that a problem (because i love travel photography too). Do you think 80D is worth as an investment? thanks in advance for your advice. God Bless you.

Tristain Eveland

Hi Matthew,

I’m upgrading from my T2i after about 8 years of use! I do mainly lifestyle and documentary family and need something with much better iso range and low light performance for shooting in clients’ homes (always RAW). Budget is definitely important, as I’m looking to also add a new prime lens (Sigma 20mm 1.4 ART), but I want something that leans toward professional build quality (workout spending thousands right now). I’d be appreciative of your advice!

Tristain Eveland

Thank you for taking the time to reply and for your honest advice. After doing more research and weighing my options, I ended up going with the 6D mark ii. I found a good deal on a refurb through Canon and went for it. Very excited to finally be working with a full frame model!


Lewis williams

Hi Matthew,

Great article and I’ve read through some of your replies to others. I’m looking to update my DSLR as I’m using quite an old hand-me-down from a friend. I mainly capture people and working towards photographing events. Do you think the 77D would be a good match for this?

Thanks in advance for any of your help. Lewis


Hello Matthew,

I am currently in the market for my first DSLR camera. I currently have an old standard compact camera probably 8 years old. I know your advice is: buy the least expensive camera that will meet your needs, and buy the best lenses you can afford. I would most likely use this camera for landscape and wildlife, possible sports and time lapse in the future. I have tried to research different cameras and think either the 77d or 80d would be a good start (roughly my price range) but would like some expert advice if something a bit cheaper would be more beneficially.

Thanks, Fred


I have tried looking at some of the upcoming deals for next week and noticed the canon 6D could be under 1000 but the 80D would still be better for sports and wildlife? Would it be worth it? Also how does the D7200 compare to the 80D or for the matter the D5600 (I’m assuming a lot better). Lastly would you recommend a certified refurbished model if possible? Sorry for the numerous questions.


Dipesh Sur

Hi Sir,

I have a budget which allows me either to buy the body of 80D or 77D with 18-135mm IS USM Kit lens. I am into street photography and have two prime lenses: niftyfifty and 24mm pancake lens. I mainly do photography. In that case which one do you suggest me:
i) 80D body only
ii) 77D with 18-135mm kit lens

I would be thankful if you consider my question. Much appreciated sir.
I’m upgrading from my canon eos 1500D.

Shasank gupta


I am shasank having rebel t6, 24mmf2.8 and 50mm1.8. i am getting 77d secondhnd in very less price, so i would like to know whould i go for it.
1. I would like to add lens. May be 85mm1.8
2. I mostly take my 2 year baby photos and landscape whe i travel

Most of the times i feel i dont get the correct focus nd sharp images. I mean not too sharp to have poster printed.

So what would u suggest ??



The reason I bought the Canon 80d is because I own a Tamron Sp 150 600 mm and I was taking pictures with a Sony A 7 R II along with the MC 11 adapter which makes the af very slow. I hope that my Canon will overcome that because is coming to Best Buy by Saturday. I decline to buy the Canon 7d Mark II because of the price and I hope that I made the right decision because my hobby is bird photography.


Hi Matthew,

I am in the same situation as some of the friends posted below. I had canon 650D, decided to upgraded to 77D or 80D. My main use would be macro shots, portraits, landscapes and group pictures (parties). And I prefer to use single lens rather than switching lenses between 18-55mm & 75-300mm Canon which I had with 650D.
I thought sigma 18-300 or 18-250mm would be appropriate…What would be your suggestion.



Thank you so much dear friend,
I am very clear now what to buy! I will go with 77D (less expensive than 80D)
I have gone through some lens comparison websites with the pictures taken by both Canon and Sigma, and came to know the quality is lacking in Sigma compare with Canon lens.
Just one more think to clear, The place where I am living have many things that cant reach closer to take shots, So I love to take them by Zoom lens. So What could be better option?
Buying 77D with 18-55mm (comes with camera) & buy Additional Canon 75-300mm or
77D with 18-135 USM? Will 18-135USM compensate 75-300mm?


Thank you so much once again for the guidance on lens.
Just wanted to clear some doubts from your above message.

(Your message: The new Canon 70-300 USM II is better than the old one, and is a good option, and the Tamron version is also good, sharper than the old Canon, about the same as the new Canon).
My question : The Tamron lens you have mentioned above is what range lens? 70-300mm? Could you mention that Tamron lens model name please.

(Your message: then something like the Tamron 100-400 is really nice, too. I wrote a quick review of that lens, here.)
My question: I think the link you have mentioned here is not related to Tamron but comparison of Sigma 100-400 & 150-600. Could you please make it sure about which lens were about to mention, Sigma or Tamron?

That’s all I wanted to know.

Thanks a lot,



Thank you so much dear friend. Its so kind of you. :)

– Vijay,


Hello dear friend,

So I have got 77D as I have mentioned earlier with 18-135 USM lens. But Still I am hanging on choosing Zoom lens and also about 50mm lens, As I have read many articles about 50mm lens I became addicted to it….So do I need 50mm lens F/1.8 though I have 18-135USM?

And about Zoom lens, As I have 18-135mm, is it worth/appropriate to buy an 75-300mm lens?

Could you suggest me any other lens that having range between 130-400 or even 300…


My dear friend,
You are guding me amazingly and I am very clear about what lens I should have. About 50mm lens I am very clear and going to buy it for sure. About zoom lens, as you have said its about the budget we can afford to buy one, So I will go with 75-300 Tamron which is closer to my budget.

Thank you soooo much again for your wonderful guidance and support. I am really happy and satisfied with your quick responses and suggestions.

Best Regards,



Hi Mathew
Thank you for an amazing article!
I’m in the proces of upgrading på Canon 100D, which has been a reliable companion during my travels around the world. I’m torn between the 77D and the 80D with the 18-135mm IS USM lens and I would really like your opinion on which one to go for.
The weight and size is (kinda) an important aspect since I’m physically small, but I noticed in the comments that the difference between the cameras isn’t much more than 200g.
I’ve enjoyed shooting with my Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens (also very light weight), but I have been missing a wider angle at times (due to the half-frame camera), and I have therefore also considered purchasing a Sigma 35mm f1.4 as well. But would that be a waste of money compared to getting the 18-135mm IS USM along with either the 77D or 80D, and which one would you then go for?



Thank you for this great article. I think want to upgrade my Rebel T2i to either the 77D or the 80D. I volunteer as the parent photographer for my sons football team. My pictures are ok, they make the kids and other parents happy! I have to take about 900 a game to get 80 or so good shots. I also love to take photos of my family and scenery when we are able to travel. I think I want the 80D for the shutter speed, but my son only has 2 more years of high school and then I will only need it for family gatherings and trips. So is it worth it, or will I be happy with the upgrade to the 77D?!


I am looking to buy my first DSLR and have narrowed it down to the 77D & 80D. I would buy it with a 18-135 lens and use it for travel and landscape photography, and maybe some video. Is the 77D significantly lighter and more compact than the 80D, or is it not a big difference. Also, how important is the weather proofing? Could you still use the 77D in light rain? What about the lens, from what I understand it’s not weather sealed? Is the beginner menu useful?

Looking at the prices it seems I can get either a new 77D or a manufacturer refurbished 80D for the same price. Which one would you get?

Also, is it maybe worth waiting for the 90D?


Madhav R Saraf

Hello Matthew…

Great artical … Loved it,

You have given answers to many of the questions i have in my mind.

By profession i am a designer … and phtography is my hobby… i have 550D… i will be happy you will advice me for a prefect camera for bird phtography and wildlife phtographty… currently i am using sigma 150 600 lens and it is giving good result. but for much better result upgrade in camera body will help me? … will 80D or 7D or 6D will give better result in image quality?… it will be nice if you will give you expert advice…


Madhav R Saraf


Dear Matthew,

I am fond of wildlife photography. Presently I am using a 8 year old 7d and Sigma 150 600 C lens which I use for wildlife. I also use canon 10 18, 50mm & a walk around Tamron 18 270. I also do some video of documentaries, ad films and wildlife.

I am thinking of upgrading the body, which camera do I buy, 77d or 80d or any other in the canon stable. Pl also consider the lens inventory and suggest whether I will need any other lens.

Needless to say I am on a Budget.

Thanks & Regards


Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

Prajwal Ullal

Thanks for the detailed review/ comparison between 77D and 80D. Am on a look out for an upgrade over my, sorta, reliable workhorse, Canon 550D, which has aged a lot and, at one instance, had some technical issue, due to which I made up my mind to upgrade.
My major area of use is Macro photography, especially in the monsoon season, out in the wild, I believe 80D would be suitable as it has better weather sealing, plus I want to explore landscape photography too which, with my existing aged gear and optics, isnt capable of getting sharp details.
I am not sure if weight would be an issue, due to which I prefer 80D, one major point that I had back of the mind was that 77D has an advanced Digic processor, so is it going to effect the performance over 80D, but based on your detailed review, I guess that would hardly matter.

Despite this, would like to know your view between the two and also is there any other alternative to Canon 80D that might be helpful for Macros and landscapes? I have a budget constraint due to which am not looking at full frames yet. Also I have a Canon Macro lens, due to which I feel I cannot shift to any other camp? Is there any alternative brand on which I can smoothly use my Canon Macro Lens?

Virpi Kurkela


I photograph maybe 60-70% indoors and 30-40% outdoors. I especially love photographing my parents’ dog, which is almost entirely black and quick to move. I would love to buy the 80D, but wonder if I should buy the 77D instead because of the indoor shooting (the dog). Or do you recommend some other model/producer instead?


Hi Matthew,

thank you for that amazing article, it was incredibly helpfull and definitely much needed. But, just as so many others, I still cannot make a proper decision between these two, so I hope you might be able to offer me some advice:

I’m 20 years old and a first year student of digital media and film production. I have now decided to pruchase my first proper dslr camera and am stuck between these two. As a student, the price is obviously a big game changer and I am more interested in the video features than in the photography features. But this does not mean that I won’t be photographing (as well as filming) on different lenses and under different conditions, since I plan to travel a lot in the upcoming months. However, there does not really seem to be a noticable difference between the 77d and the 80d performance-wise.
I am still doing everything non profitable and just getting started, but I hope to get my hands on some jobs such as filming weddings or smaller events in the future. I have already been producing a 10 minute short film and an advertising spot for cinemars in a group of 4, but all of these projects were mainly university related which made me able to use professional gear provided by our university. Thanks to several courses, I have already gained some good technical knowledge which still needs lots of improvement. But as my future dslr will be the first one I’ll have ever owned, I’m afraid the 80d might be too much for me to handle at the start. At the same time, I worry a lot about the video-related possibilities the 77d serves. The lack of a headphone jack is a definite drawback and I might be afraid that the 77d won’t be sufficient anymore in just one year or two as I have gained lots of new experience. But on the otherhand, if the 77d wouldn’t offer enough features for me at some point, would the 80d make a difference?
However, I still plan on purchaising a more professional camera in the future as I have finished university and will begin getting more into the business. This means, I won’t be building my whole carreer on either the 77d or the 80d but I’m still looking for something rather professional to get started with. To me, the missing headphone jack on the 77d is one of the main issues since I cannot really estimate how important that will be and if I can find another way to compensate this in order to provide quality video sound.
As you might be able to imagine, I’m a little afraid to be choosing the cheaper option but then taking too many losses in the long run.

I’d love to hear some advice for you, since I’ve been searching the internet for weeks now and I’m sure your opinion would help me a lot!



Great Article.

I am in similar dilemma and still not able to make a buying decision between these two.

My current setup of last 5 years is Canon 600D, Tokina 11-16 DXII F2.8, Tamron 18-270mm(use it for allround general clicks).
I am more into low/no-light photography.
I intend to keep using my Tokina lens but on a better body for outdoor low light photography.

Which would be better choice between the two? Please help.


Thanks so much Matthew.


Which one is good for portrait or other type photography 77d or 80

Pradeep Tewari

I use Canon Kiss x5 and want to switch to a slighter newer model. I do a bit of bird photography. I use Tamron 150-600 mm lens. Mostly hand held. Please suggest whether I should buy Canon 77d or 80d.

Bindu Kathe

Hii matthew…Which camera is better…whether 77D r 80D…and I shouldn’t regret in future…best camera with all features for travellers


Hi Matthew,

Thank you so much for such an informative article. I have a dilemma which I’m hopeful that you can help me solve.

I was fortunate to be able to purchase both the T7i and the 80D as part of Canon’s refurbished program with excellent holiday pricing. For all intents and purposes, the 80D is only approximately $75-100 more expensive. For the purposes of my question, you can assume that this not a significant difference to sway me one way or the other.

I have a small window of time to be able to return one of these cameras and I cannot decide which. Here are a few of my considerations:

1) I am new to DSLR photography and have full intention and desire to grow. I have taken an introductory class and I have a bunch of Canon lenses that were recently gifted to me. Most are entry level, but they include telephoto, macro, nifty 50, and pancake.

2) I am mildly intimidated by the 80D and somewhat attracted to the Feature Assistant of the T7i. However, I am not sure how quickly I would outgrow this (having watched many photography videos) and whether this would be a significant consideration to buy an inferior camera.

3) I am truly an all-around photographer. I want to use this camera for family photos (ex: kids at the beach and kid’s sports events), family milestones (ex: birthdays), wildlife and creative shots (ex: night pics, insects), portrait shots (mostly of family), travel, and landscapes.

4) additional weight of 80D is not a concern

5) video use: general all around and possible YouTube vlogging.

6) I am attracted to the idea of learning to use the additional LCD screen.

7) I like the idea of the back rotating control button and ability to use this to adjust exposure.

IN SHORT: I’m leaning towards the 80D (for all the benefits it offers (especially: faster frame rate, faster shutter, better build, weather sealing, headphone jack, longer battery life) but I’m concerned about:

(a) not having the feature assistant menu;

(b) being overwhelmed with a semi-pro camera;

(c) not having the 5-way image stabilizer (even though I’m not sure if this will make a difference regarding anything I do);

(d) having older Digic 6 vs Digic 7 and therefore poorer face tracking for action photos; and

(e) not having additional benefits offered by Bluetooth (although I’ve used the WiFi connect and liked this very much).

If you could PLEASE help allay my 5 concerns (a to e), I’d be most appreciative.

As well, feel free to shed some light upon anything I may be missing.

Thank you very much!


Hello Matthew. Thanks for the lovely article.

I have been using the very basic Canon 1000D since long with 18-135mm and 50mm f1.8 lens and now I wish to upgrade. I have shortlisted these cameras – 77D, 80D, 7D M2 and I am aware of all the technical differences between them, however, I have some queries which aren’t answered in any comparisons online. The main reasons why I am looking for an upgrade are:

1. My current camera struggles a lot to click photos in a non-day light situation (not really low-light but indoor light or evening) leading to shaky results.

2. The photos appear washed out in strong sun light

3. I always have to increase the vibrance during post processing for the colours to appear, I would like them straight out of the camera

My priority is still photography and not video. I am looking for help in figuring out whether 77D and 7DM2 or 80D would make any difference or feel any different with the above 3 points (especially the 1st). Would 77D be able to shoot as fast as 7DM2 or 80D and deliver non-shaky stills in low light and maintain colours? From fast I don’t mean shooting at 1/8000 SS but the amount of struggle when the light is low. Please advise.


Uanderson Brittes

If the 77d could compress video files using ALL I. It will be easier for me to choose between them. That’s the only feature that I miss from 80d.


Hi mathew.,
Im looking a camera for videoshoot for my yputube channel,
This will going to be my first camera, i want to go to canon 77D, Ihave very tight budget, nd dont know which lens to prefer.for videoshoot,


Hello! Great article! I have been contemplating on upgrading my canon t3i for the 77D because of the difference in the MP… Would I see a difference in my images if I upgraded?? I currently shoot family/children still photography. Thanks!!


Hi! Thanks for posting such a great article. So glad I stumbled on this blog! I currently have a 550D and I’m looking to upgrade. Can’t decide between the 77D or 80D. Of the 2 I know that the 80D is the better camera, but I’m not sure that the differences between the 2 warrant the difference in price tag (for me). I run a small blog and online store so my main use would be macro shots, portraits, product shots and potentially some video tutorials, so from that point of view I’m leaning towards to 77D. Any reason why the 80D would be a better option? Appreciate hearing your thoughts!


I went ahead and ordered the 77D – thank you so much for your advice and tips! :)


Hi Matthew,
I have the same situation like Caitie, Would like to upgrade from 650D to 77D OR 80D. And main purpose would be portrait, macro, landscapes and group pictures (parties). And one more thing is I would like to go with a single lens 18-250 or 18-300 sigma. What will be your advice.?



I have plans to update my camera Canon EOS 700D to next level and the problem is, that it’s so difficult to choose the right one for me. I’ve been interested in 80D, but now considering also 77D.
I never shoot videos, only still and mostly macro, portraits and landscapes. I have Tamron 90mm f2.8 (old model), Tamron 28-75mm f2.8, Sigma 50-150mm f2.8 OS, canon 24mm f2.8 and the kit lens. I want to stay in APS-C. Are there so significant improvements that it would be a good idea to update my camera? I don’t want to waste my money, if I won’t get enough benefit from the update.
Thank You for your answer :)


…e.g. 45 focus points and a camera-top LCD display are very tempting. I also would like to have more pro-type of features to adjust camera. Just wondering image quality……would it be spectacular (in 77/80) compared to 700D?? Sorry for my english, hopefully I made myself understandable :)


Hello Matthew,

I am looking for a dslr mainly for portraits. My budget is around 1500 € but it doesn’t have to be that pricy camera body either as long as it meets my needs. I would love to reach professional level portrait pictures without paying 3000 € for 5D Mark IV. I am not going to take lots of videos and 80D seems to be good for pretty much everything. Is 80D the strongest choice for my budget even I am not that much into making videos, or should I buy something else? If so, what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Matthew,
Thank you for the detailed comparison. I’m looking to upgrade from my 60D (my main use would be regular photography, and videos, so I want something with AF for video), and can’t make up my mind between these two. I wouldn’t mind body-only, since I have half a dozen lenses including the 18-135 already. Which of these would you recommend for a hobby-YouTuber? Thanks muchly!


Hi Matthew,
Thanks so much for replying – looks like I’m getting the 77D! My main problem is struggling to focus while standing 3′ or so in front of the 60D. With all that button-pressing and stretching, either the tripod-and-camera or I end up toppling over, or my video turns out blurry and needs reshooting. Ideally, I want a Canon (because all my lenses are Canon) where I can go to the video mode, press the start button, move into my position, and it automatically focuses on my face, even if I move a bit.

What has made the decision difficult is this: since 80D seems to be the “next higher up” version, will 77D be outdated, and replaced with an upgrade, sooner than the 80D? There’s a bit of a conflict between features-for-the-price vs the higher model.

Thanks again for your quick reply and for the help!

Hawi Eliakim

Hi Matthew, Thank you so much for this informative article. I am a photographer in Kenya and I have been doing photography on part time with a canon T3i and 8-55mm & 75-300mm lenses. I have since had so many requests for work to cover events such as weddings, sports and portraits. I would like to upgrade to a better camera and would therefore appreciate your advise on this. I like to use canon for a fact. I am looking for a camera at a range of not more than USD1500. Kindly advise on the best choice that could come with at least a speed light and the best lenses. I stick to your comment ”always to buy the least expensive camera that will meet your needs and the best lenses you can afford”

Eliakim hawi

Greetings Matthew,
I sincerely appreciate you advice above. I have always wanted to have a full frame camera, and so I have been looking at Canon 6D. However, with the small budget and and need for an upgrade, I am looking at 80D. My interest is in events such as weddings, sports as well as portraits. I have saved for quite a while and I am looking forward to the December offers to purchase the camera and lenses inclusive. If you know of any recommendation for this, I will greatly appreciate.
Once more, I would like to thank you for all the help you have accorded us with regards to cameras.
Kind Regards


Great article Matt. After getting to play with the 80D and 77D I ended up getting the 80D…partly because I got a refurb from Canon for $799. The only downside is I ended up th 18-55 kit lens; I had forgotten that I not only had one from when I bought my trusty 2i, but an earlier version from when bought my original rebel XT. I like how the 80D feels in hand compared to the 77D and I do like that better viewfinder. Weight is not an issue for me though I probably need to do some strength training for when hike with my 400mm attached to the 80D.


I can see that the 77d with 18-135mm lens is approximately the same price as 80d with a 18-55mm lens which one should i buy .which is one the best deal that you think is worth the purchase.please respond


How about weather resistance? Is that a major factor to consider?

Rich Mack

I have read various articles from you and this one was the one to promt me to write.
I own a canon 70d. It is weathered now so I have been studying the market for a replacement but since the introduction of the canon 80d, which is the next model up from mines I have been advised to wait for a 90d..!

Canon have put out a few models since the 70d. I know I am not ready for full frame but would the 6d ii not be the next step for me?

I shoot lowlight, point and shoot, concerts, and travel photos as a hobby.
I also have canon 24-105 f 4L , 50mm f1.8 , 70-200mm f4L and sigma 20mm f1.8 lens.
Many thanks for great articles.


Hi Matthew
This review of yours has helped me so much, but still… I can’t make a decision.

I got Canon 650D and M3. Unfortunately M3 has disappointed me very much. I love 650D as It was my first DSLR that my father bought me on my birthday. Later I found that It’s a little bit big to go around with, so I jumped to M3 and feel like falling from the cliff. Not only slow focusing, but I think I need viewfinder in my life.

So now It’s time for me to get a new camera and my choices are 77D, 80D and EOS M5. I can’t really decide which one to go with for using 2-3 years. I shoot fashion and wildlife most.

I heard M5 improved a lot from M3 and also built in viewfinder. But how about the focusing? Is it fast enough to capture a bird flying in a good day light?

Thank you so much
Ps. Sorry for my English.


I’ve used the Canon EOS cameras for 28 years. Most of my photography is of family, scenery and hobby level photo shoots. I am not a trained photographer, but I do decent work and have done some professional shoots (weddings, senior pics, family photos and pet photos). On a trip abroad last year, I broke my Canon EOS 40D, came home and sent it in to get fixed, used it for a photo shoot and realized it really wasn’t the same. I needed to take some prom pics for my daughter and her friends, so I quickly ran out to get another camera body. I was talked into purchasing a 77D rather than an 80D. I did the photo shoot that afternoon and was not pleased with the focusing. I thought perhaps it was me, so I did another photo shoot yesterday, and again am not pleased with the focusing. My eyesight has gone down significantly, so I have used the autofocus rather than manual. Though I used to shoot in manual mode more than autofocus, I have never had this much difficulty. I really haven’t taken the time to look into adjusting the camera, as I have not been well, and have been rather busy. Though people have been happy with the pictures, I am not at all. I can’t seem to get the focusing right. I have thought about trying to exchange it for the 80D, but not sure if that is necessary. I am shooting with my older 28-135 lens with the stabilizer on. I did some shots with my 70-300 lens with the stabilizer on, and had the same issues. Do you have any advice for me as to any adjustments I need to make with my camera? Thank you in advance.


Which one is the best professional camera Canon 77D! or Canon 80D! Please let me know about it.