Need Some Inspiration? “Through The Lens: Canada” Starts Today

Whether you’re a novice and looking for tips or a seasoned pro and looking for inspiration (or just some beautiful work to appreciate), you might consider checking out the upcoming season of “Through the Lens”, the Adorama-produced educational series showcasing the work of up and coming photographers (from Canada, this time). This season covers a nice range of work, from nature and landscape photography to documentary, portrait, sports and fashion.

The series starts today on YouTube (or the “Through the Lens” website) and a new episode will air every following Wednesday at 10:00 AM EST for the next nine weeks, and will feature the following photographers (if you’d like to check out their work and pick your favorites):

Photo by Elizabeth Gadd
  • Elizabeth Gadd (@elizabethgadd), an adventure and landscape photographer, with photos ranging from beautiful auroras to tranquil lakes and mountains.
  • Jamal Burger (@jayscale), whose work features stunning black and white photos of city and sports.
  • Taylor Burk (@taylormichaelburk), a landscape and outdoor sports photographer whose photos showcase the camping life in Canada.
  • Wayne Simpson (@waynesimpsonphoto), who specializes in dramatic portraiture and landscape photography.
  • Maria Koutsogiannis (@foodbymaria), a fitness and food enthusiast whose Instagram features some of her most mouth-watering dishes (and recipes!).
  • Stevin Tuchiwsky (@stevint), an outdoor lifestyle photographer who photographs athletes in some of Canada’s most breathtaking locales.
  • Naskademini (@naskademini), a portrait and commercial photographer who has worked with some of the world’s leading brands in fashion, lifestyle and luxury.
  • Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp), whose work features clean lines, beautiful scenes in nature and his dog Momo.
  • Eric Veloso (@ericveloso), a Vancouver-based photographer and creative director for Street Dreams Magazine, whose stark imagery ranges from architecture to lifestyle.
  • Eric Paré (@ericparephoto), a light-painting photographer and filmmaker.
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